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Wyndham-Lyons Realty Services, LLC is an organization that is literally built from the ground up for the single purpose of creating unmatched levels of success among our branch owners, brokers and Agents. It's a formula that's yielded more than 15 years of continuous growth, allowing us to become one of the industry's most prominent success stories.


Wyndham-Lyons Realty Services is a regional, full-service Real Estate Sales, Leasing, and Property Management company. Our objective is to be a top tier and profitable leader in the marketing, listing, leasing and selling of residential, commercial, investment properties. We will serve our clients’ needs and will consistently provide services of lasting value to the community. We endeavor to preserve and enhance our reputation for integrity through all our actions. 



Market Share/Productivity: We will always aspire to be the in the top 10% in closed transactions per sales agent, sold dollar volume, and agent productivity of any market we serve and attract REALTOR associates who wish to be amongst other exceptional real estate agents in the industry.

Customer Service: We direct all of our efforts toward our customers – both internally to our REALTOR associates and externally to our firm’s clients- to understand, anticipate, and satisfy their needs and expectations in a timely, cost-effective and value-added manner.

Community Service: We require and reward community service participation by all our associates and employees. By this leadership through example, and we seek to foster an atmosphere of respect and empowerment for all REALTORS associates and employees and a better understanding for the areas we serve.

Training and Development: We will lead the industry in training and professional development of our employees and REALTOR associates and encourage and support them to realize their full professional potential. We will provide training and educational programs to develop technical, business planning, interpersonal, communication, community service, and leadership skills.

Technology: We will embrace the change technology provides and always seek to improve efficiency, processes, profitability, and client satisfaction through aggressively seeking the technology advances available to our REALTOR associates and clients.







Honesty and Integrity: We always do what is right, fair, and ethical.

Communication: We share appropriate information in an honest and open manner.

Respect: We are considerate of others through the use of appropriate behavior.

Teamwork: We encourage and reward teamwork.

Quality: We strive for professional excellence to the highest standards possible consistent with the goals of the client.

Attitude: We are positive, enthusiastic, and have a vibrant spirit.

Entrepreneurial: We encourage creativity, flexibility, and innovative approaches to our work.

Leadership/Initiative: We lead by example in business and our Community. Our actions speak louder than words.

Professional Development and Personal Skills: We advance our talents and skills to their fullest potential (as individuals, as professionals and as managers of others.)

Accountability: We are responsible for our actions and understand their impact on others.

Customer Satisfaction: We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers (internally and externally) by anticipating, understanding and responding appropriately to their needs.


                                    Our Value Proposition

  • We focus only on agents that are or want to become Productive Real Estate Professionals. We are not a good fit for every agent just as every agent is not a good fit for us.  We are not a company built for the average agent.


  • We provide some of the best tools, systems and resources the industry has to offer.


  • Our Leadership Team offers unparalleled support to you with minimum structure.


  • Full Agent Websites with a Lead Capture and Client Management System (Marketleader/PrimeAgent)


  • Robust Transaction Management Platform, signature, and forms library (Dotloop)


  • Very Robust CRM and Marketing Center. (Marketleader)


  • Ongoing Professional Development and CE Training.


  • Fair and Equitable Compensation Programs.


  • We are aggressively forward thinking and technology driven.


  • We provide the systems and tools to allow you to do business in the office or anywhere you want 24/7.